All Traffic Counts is one of the growing company specialized in conducting traffic surveys and analysis. Our services cater to the planners, consultants and government authorities from traffic and transportation sector. 

All Traffic Counts perform surveys and analysis by collecting the traffic data and processing it. The survey will be carried out rigorously in order to ensure the maximum level of accuracy. Our analyzed data plays a major role for implementing the traffic and transportation policies which leads to new and improvised infrastructure and also resulting in safe and smooth human traffic mobility. 

As a fast emerging company in the dynamic market, we strive to provide reliable data for our clients.







Our approach

At All Traffic Counts we carry out various methodologies to understand the aspects of traffic flows and conduct the surveys. This involves either automatic system (with the installation of a temporary or permanent electronic traffic recording device), or manually by observers who visually count and record traffic on a hand-held electronic device or tally sheet. We use different applications to process and analyze the collected data, as per the industrial requirement.

Our commitment

With our experienced experts and team of specialized analyzers we commit ourselves to deliver reliable data essential for various developments in the traffic sector. Our solutions are tailored for you – your country, your culture and your one-of-a-kind challenges.