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All Traffic Counts is one of the growing company specialized in conducting traffic surveys and analysis. Our services cater to the planners, consultants and government authorities from traffic and transportation sector. 

traffic Data Collection

traffic data survey

traffic data analysis

time | cost | delivery

We aim to provide services that relate to managing complex data, analysis and interpretation as well as detailed reporting

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our traffic data solutions are based on detailed research and deliberation to give the most competitive, cost-effective solutions in the industry

Highest Quality Standards

Our traffic data analysis involve huge volumes of data, with in-depth knowledge of the industry best practices

Timely Delivery

Our projects are commenced with a view to deliver them within the stipulated timelines. We believe in adhering to well-constructed timeframes to deliver the best possible end product to our clients

solution driven approach

Our result-driven perspective towards the analysis of data will gain you the most valuable insights that will enable better decision making for your business goals

Your trusted partner

As a growing company in the field of traffic data collection, analysis and surveys, All Traffic Counts has key achievements in performing its pioneer services to the customers with its extensive experience